:: Pump - Sequence Primer :: Sequence Primer 6600 gph @ 457 Watts

Sequence Primer 6600 gph @ 457 Watts

Sequence Primer 6600 gph @ 457 Watts

Sequence Primer 6600 gph @ 457 Watts

Sequence Primer pumps.

The Sequence Primer Pump
Okay, in the first place, remember that there are landscapers out there selling plain old Heyward swimming pool pumps to people for eight hundred dollars. Still happens, every single day, just twenty miles from where I am sitting. There's nothing wrong with Heyward pumps except they enjoy a lot of electricity, and they are usually noisy as can be. When the landscaper triples his money on the pump, the owner ultimately loses.

So here's a Sequence Primer pump which, (for considerably less money than that), gives you a series of features which no other pump can touch.
  • Quiet
  • Power conservative
  • Self priming
  • Huge leaf trap requires less frequent cleaning
  • High flows

SELF PRIMING: This means that the pump can be outside the pond UP TO four feet above the waterline (never submerge a centrifugal pump) and still suck water up to it. This is EXTREMELY cool when your pump loses power and has to restart. With the other WAVE pumps you have to open the lid, refill the leaf trap and restart the pump. (1/3HP = 4 ft lift) (1/4HP = 21/2 ft lift)

Baldor Motor: The Sequence Primer pump is made with the very quiet, long lasting Baldor industrial electric motor which is inarguably the best wound electric motor available. Much of the competition employs the Baldor motor, too; and they boast of it's durability just as much.

Enormous Leaf Trap: This leaf trap is twice the normal height of a regular pump and is engineered so water can flow all around the basket instead of out the regular outlet hole pressed up against the side of the basket. Click the image for the larger version.

LOW AMPS: This is where the Sequence Primer Series pump shines. The value of a pump is derived from it's AMPS versus the GALLONS it pushes with those amps. You should know that the average pump pulls eleven amps. This would be the typical "Dynamo" or Challenger or Pac Fab pump for swimming pools. When you fire up your big circular saw, that big saw uses about 11 Amps. So, with some pumps, it's like running your power saw twenty four hours per day. Wow!

Not "Zero Head" Ratings: Some manufacturers rate their pumps at Zero Head. This means they measure the flow rates right out of the top of the pump. These numbers are the BEST the pump can achieve with ZERO resistance. The Dragons' ratings in the chart below are at a certain head resistance.

56 Frame motor: Okay, sure. Well, this motor has this feature whatever that means.

Unions: This big boy comes with both 2" and 21/2" unions.

4200WTR15 4200 gph 2700gph@8ft - 1800gph@11ft 242 Both 2" One Yes 115V 6ft $459.99
6000WTR17 6000 gph 4500gph@8ft - 3600gph@11ft 376 Both 2" One Yes 115V 6ft $469.99
7200WTR23 7200 gph 5831gph@8ft - 5169gph@11ft 539 Both 2" One Yes 115V 6ft $489.99
NOTE: The above curve values are new, and correct for Sequence Primer 2004. Verified. Sequence Primer is made with the Baldor Motor.

Consumer note: W = V x A so to calculate the Watts into Amps all you do is divide the Watts by the intended voltage, which would either be 115 V or 230 V. So for example, a pump pulling 376 Watts at 115 Volts is pulling a measly 3.2 Amps. This is why Wattage is better for rating pumps. You never can tell (until you get the pump and read the label on it) whether they rated the Amperage at 230 Volts, which cuts the "reported" number in half!

Weight 35.00 lbs
Market price: $899.99
Our price: $863.99

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