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DynaMax kit for Aquadyne 4000 and Aquadyne 8000. )Formerly 1.1 and 2.2 Filters)
For the Aquadyne 4000 or 8000- You Get: Bulkhead, hole saw, riser, gaskets, instructions, check valves and the DynaMax blower for 110V.
Doesn't qualify for free shipping.

Our price: $349.99
Replacement Head - 2.2 High Efficiency
Let's say you're running the regular 2.2 with it's 1-1/2" porting and triple internal design and you want to upgrade to the 2.2 High efficiency head with 2" porting and quad internals. It's easy. Buy this. You get the whole head, column and porting. FREE SHIPPING IF ORDERED ONLINE.

Our price: $429.99
Strainer Basket for Sequence High Volume Pumps
Sequence 750 and 1000 series Pumps ship WITHOUT baskets. They all come with cords, but *NO* leaf strainer basket because lots of folks don't need 'em. but when you do, here they are.

Our price: $103.00
Tetra Bottom Drain - No Cut - Moveable
This is the coolest thing. Weighted with gravel. Hooked up to black 2" flex and straight to the pump, you can put your bottom drain anywhere and never worry about the pond bleeding out if the plumbing fails.

Our price: $47.99