:: Filter - Aquadyne 16000

Filter - Aquadyne 16000

The manufacturer rates this filter up to 16000 gallons, but we think that would be pushing it. Why? Because there are variables including how much water you can actually move per hour, how heavily you stock the pond, if you use Aquamats you can use less filtration, etc.
Can you get 14,000 gallons per hour through a two inch supply to the filter?


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AquaDyne 16000 With DynaMax Standard
AquaDyne 16000 With DynaMax Standard - The Aquadyne 16000 uses the high efficiency quad-ported head, plus double the beads of the 8000 to make backwashing relatively rare. The units ALL come with Dynamax. Ships by truck. Ask about our flat fee shipping!

Our price: $2999.99