:: Filter - Aquadyne 4000

Filter - Aquadyne 4000

For ponds to 4,000 gallons - We will price match and you get free shipping when you order these online!


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Aquadyne 4000 Bead Filter (Formerly the 1.1) Without Dynamax
Aquadyne 4000 Bead Filter (1.1 cu. ft.) Without Dynamax for ponds to 4,000 gallons depending on stocking. Larger filters backwash less often. We will price match. Free shipping for phone orders. This unit has neither Dynamax nor a bulkhead for it.

Our price: $1099.99
Aquadyne 4000 Bead Filter (1.1) With Bulkhead For Dynamax
Some folks would try the unit without Dynamax and wish for the option later, so we're providing this unit with the Bulkhead already "in" so Dynamax is easy to deploy later. For ponds to 4000 gallons. Free shipping if ordered by phone.

Our price: $1199.99
Aquadyne 4000 Bead Filter (Formerly the 1.1 CF)With Dynamax
The manufacturer rates this filter up to 4000 gallons, and chances are if the pond isn't loaded too heavily, it could do the job. WE WILL PRICE MATCH - Free shipping if ordered online!

Our price: $1399.99