Welcome to Aquadynamite.com . . . Because so many of our customers wish to discuss their purchases beforehand, I have disabled the shopping cart credit card capability for this site. I will take all orders personally, over the phone, so that we can be sure that you get exactly what you need. Feel free to call us at (706)455-4095 between 9am and 9pm E.S.T., seven days a week, for pricing and product assistance. I will be happy to take your order over the phone and discuss any problems or questions that you might have before you order. To leave comments, questions or suggestions, please go to my blog at Aquadynes.com. If you have a question and wish to e-mail it, you may do so at aquadynamite@tds.net. Thanks, Dave at Aquadynamite.com

Price match!
We May Not Have The Lowest Prices, but...We're Competitive!
You may be aware that there's considerable competition in the pond filtration market. We feel that one way to remain truly competitive is to offer unsurpassed customer support and warranty and parts backup that you can't expect anywhere else. If our competition has a lower published price, bring it to us, we will get as close to their quote as we can, while still making enough to service and support you long after your system is delivered and installed. To quote Dave, "We are here to serve you for the long term."
Customer Support!
We Are Not A Typical Internet Seller
Most of our competitors don't "live with" and actually use the equipment they sell day-to-day. We do. We sell a variety of pumps, UVs and other products. BUT...you will only find one brand of filter on our web site.... Aquadyne. That's because we know that our customers can count on this legendary bead filter to be the best the industry has to offer. We are constantly testing other brands in our ponds, and maybe someday the Aquadyne will meet its match; but, until then, that is what we use, and that is what we sell. Just a word about PARTS: Many of our competitors really don't care to handle orders for maintenance parts for the Aquadyne filter family. WE DO! Since parts are inherently a "low profit item," we have been surprised at how many new customers we have gotten because we will take the time to provide replacement and maintenance parts. Call us at 706 455 4095, and let us demonstrate to you what experience is all about. Call and ask about our 2014 Spring specials in effect RIGHT NOW! Any Order of $500 or more, placed before April 1, 2014 (Phone Only), will be discounted by 10%!
Service After the Sale
We're Here For You After the Sale
During the purchase while you are asking questions, we are asking questions, too. We will obtain as much information about your current or planned pond, to include diagrams, and digital photos, so that we can offer you long-term support that extends long after the sale. Your information becomes part of our database so that when you call at any time, we remember who you are and what your pond environment consists of. If anything goes wrong with your filter, we're here to help.
Ask Your Questions! The Doctor is IN!
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