AquaDyne 2000 Filter

AquaDyne 2000 Filter

Aquadyne 2000 Bead Filer is excellently suited to filter ponds and other aquatic habitats up to 2000 gallons. The model AD2000 comes standard with the Dynamax Air Backwash system that performs just like the larger Aquadyne systems except in a small footprint package for smaller water features and ponds.

This filter is an excellent performer with most any pump. You can use a small submersable pump from 1000 Gph all the way up to an external 3900 Gph pump. If you intend to use a submersable pump, please use the order number AD2000(S) for a submersable riser column.

The Dynamax Air Assist Backwash aggressively agitates the debris collected in the media bed and suspends it in the water column which is easily backwashed to waste, conserving water, and deep cleaning the filter media bed. The AD200 is very suitable for an excellent indoor large volume aquarium filter. This unit is also an excellent starter for small laboratory research applications.

(This model was previously the Classic Aquadyne .60B)

Filter Performance Data

Pond Size Fish Load Pump Size Plumbing
Plumbing Accessories
Up to 2000 Gallons 50 Lbs. 1000 to 3200 Gallons Per Hour 1 - 1/2 Inches 3 ea. Self Sealing 1 1/2" Unions Included
Head Pressure Media Volume Media Weight Filter Dimensions
Diameter x Height
Avg. Backwash
0 to 1 Psi at 2000 GPH on a clean cycled filter .66 Cubic Feet 22 Lbs. 16-inches x 33-inches 25 Gal.

All Aquadyne Bead Filter Systems offer ease of operation with these full features:

* Power Dynamax Air Backwash* Micro Sediment Removal* Full Rinse Cycle
* Micro-Sediment Removal* Full 6" Tank Opening* Full Media Access
* Complete Medical Bypass* 5 Minute Disassembly* Advanced Backwashing
* Bottom Sludge Waste Drain* Easy One Touch Operation* Dry Hands Cleaning
* No Internal Flow Restrictions* 5 Minute Weekly Cleaning 
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AquaDyne 2000 Bead Filter Without Dynamax
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AquaDyne 2000 Bead Filter With Dynamax
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